Our Stylists Share Their Best (and worst) Prom Pics

Prom is just around the corner! For a lot of girls it’s a really memorable night. You get all fancy and go out dancing to celebrate the coming end to your high school career. Knowing what you’re going to wear and how you’re going to do your hair can be a stressor amongst all the other things going on in your world leading up to prom. We’d love to help you get the exact hair you want. If you need ideas or if you already know down to the individual hair, we’d be happy to meet with you and come up with a plan!

We provide amazing hair and makeup services for special occasions!  Make up starts at $25 and hair starts at $40. Call us today for an appointment!

In the meantime, prom season always makes us nostalgic. So, we asked all of our stylists to bring in their pics from their own prom experiences. It was so fun! We had to share! Check out our stylists best and worst prom looks right here!

Ashley Denbow

Ashley Denbow

Ashley looked really great at her prom, but the night was cut short.

Ashley Gee


Ashley Gee rocked out on a party bus on her prom night. It is unknown whether the stripper pole was used.

Amber Lear

amber lear

Amber doesn’t look like she’s having a good time here, but she did look good. Lovin’ the side/top pony with the headband!

Abbey Belt

abbey belt

Abbey’s date looks a little shy here. Get it together son! She looks amazing!

Ashley Dodson


Nothing says prom like the Showboat Branson Belle!

Brenna Askew

brenna askew

Why only take one date when you can have two!

Cassidy Smith


Take the picture mom!

Cassie Smith


That’s Cassie is on the right. Her enormous corsage is on the far right.



Daniel looks exactly the same as he did in high school. This boy doesn’t age.

Emily Blankenship



Hannah Catlett



Heather Hardesty


Prom theme: GOLD!

Katie Belt



Katy Moore


Solid braid work here!

Megan Murphy


Murph is always ahead of her time. This haircut would still work now!

Mindy Thompson


This is one of those photos where you’re looking directly into the sun and it hurts, but you’re still trying to smile.



It’s called dancing, guy.

Shelby Hunter


That’s one heck of a group pose there.

Tayler Marsh

tayler marsh

Tayler rocked an LBD at her prom.

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