10 Super-Easy Fashion Tips from Heather Hardesty


When it comes to hair length, consider your height. Tall girls with short hair = necks and limbs looking extra long and can sometimes make the beautiful tall & skinny look a little too lanky. Long limbs = long hair.

For the shorties: sometimes super long hair on super short girls can hide/takeover your entire body (nobody needs to look like cousin IT).


Compliment that rockin’ short body with a rockin’ short bob.


Pick two out of three things to focus on: hair, clothes, makeup. If your clothing and hair are on point, go with natural makeup: mascara, powder, lip gloss.

Clothing & makeup on point? Throw that hair up in a cute messy pony or let it do its thang & wear it natural with a little oil or shine spray to control any unruly frizz.

Hair & makeup fly AF? Tone down the outfit to neutral colors & a ‘more is less’ take.


Why? bring focus to the things you want to hi-light, and don’t take away from your masterpiece. Switching it up keeps your look fresh & constantly keeps your followers on their toes for what look you’re going to for next.


Not only will you be getting one of a kind buys, you will also help a small business somewhere along the line. Poshmark, thrift stores, Facebook marketplace or hand me down closets from your big sis; these are goldmines for fun and new clothing. Not to mention- how horrible is it to break in a great pair of jeans? buy a pair for half the price with twice the comfort and save yourself the hassle.


Not to mention, buying used clothing helps the environment: if 1 million people bought their next item secondhand, it would save us 6 MILLION KGs of carbon pollution from emerging into the atmosphere. As well saving as underpaid, over worked and sometimes underaged employees from having to mass produce clothing on the cheap to be sold on the… NOT CHEAP.


Screen Shot 2018-03-02 at 9.28.54 AM.png

4 – Pick either a bold lip or bold eye- don’t do both.

Screen Shot 2018-03-02 at 9.37.01 AM.png

5 – If you can’t bend & snap in it- don’t wear it.

6 – If you are thinking ‘am I showing too much skin?’ Chances are the answer is 100% absolutely red flag yes.

7 – Take you outfit to the next level with fun, bold costume jewelry. Dress up a V neck? Chunky necklace. Hangover-high-pony got you feelin’ drab? Big earrings!

Screen Shot 2018-03-02 at 9.37.01 AM

8 – If you haven’t ever seen anything like it – BUY IT. Chances are you won’t see it again & if you haven’t seen anyone wearing it, you will be the newest trendsetter

9 – Keep your closet looking fresh by switching up your outfits. Don’t get sick of wearing your ‘go to’ outfit too many times. Break it up. Try something new with an old piece & bring it back to life.

10 – COLORS. PATTERNS. Throw them in, try something risky. Not everything has to match perfectly. Bright shoes & a pattern top go a long way in the world of fashion.


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