10 New Hair Trends That Will Go Crazy in 2018

Every year there are a wave of new trends in the world of hair. This year, there are some especially cool ones. A few big hits from the 90s are making a comeback, a bunch of new colors are out there and the popular cuts so far this year are super dope.

Baby Bangs


The name speaks for itself. Baby bangs are big right now as evidenced by Emma Watson, Beyonce, and Emma Roberts recently. Plus, there’s the added benefit of not having hair in your face!

Silver Hair Color


Embrace the gray! Or, just create it if you don’t have any yet! Silver is a popular color for certain skin tones these days and it can look pretty awesome if it’s done right! Hit us up if you’re into it!

Mens’ Inspired Pixie


Inspired by the Winona Ryder pixie of the 90s, but a little bit longer. Scarlett Johanssen is rocking the long pixie so well right here. It’s a relatively low maintenance style that is taking the fashion world by storm!

Fake Bangs


Choppin’ off your hair to get bangs a little too scary for you? Take a page out of the Chrissy Teigen book and do up some fake bangs!

The Long Bob


The long bob is one of the more popular cuts we get requests for. This style can go anywhere from just below the jawline to just above the collarbone. Add a little bayalage to it and you’ve got a sexy ass cut.

Short Bob with Blunt Ends


Blunt ends is another way to say super-straight lines at the base of your hair. This is another style that has to be done right to look good. It can end up looking pretty amateurish if it’s sloppily done. Hit us up for some blunt ends! We’ll hook you up the right way!


Curtain Bangs


This is another trend making a huge comeback. It’s an elegant look that can really help shape your face without making a big change to your length.

Cher Hair!


This super straight middle part look, also known as mermaid hair, is also coming back. Popularized by Cher in the 1970s, it’s an elegant look that can really give some shape to your face.

Shag Now or Shag Later


Margot Robbie is a straight up queen. She’s always doing fun and new things in fashion and in her work! The shag look is a bit more casual but still packs a classy punch in the right outfit.


Medium or Mid-length cuts


We’ve gotten so many request for hair length at a few inches below the shoulder recently. Ladies are looking for something in between a bob and long hair and this look on Cindy Crawford exemplifies the mid length cut that’s become so popular in Springfield.

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