Spring Cleaning: 6 ways to repair those dry winter locks and get them ready for the Spring

Winter is rough… not only does it have us all wanting to cuddle up on the couch all day and watch Netflix with our hot chocolate, but it’s the most stressful season for your hair! The cold dry air of winter can leave your hair at its worst if you let it. Fortunately, there’s a TON of things you can do to get that hair back to healthy and ready for the warmer days ahead of us!

Get a Haircut!


I know you want to “grow out” your hair, but you can’t do that without getting regular trims! Winter is BRUTAL on the most fragile parts of your hair…your ends! If you feel your ends and they feel, how I like to call it, “crispy”, or they tangle 5 seconds after you brush your hair, CUT THEM OFF! They will only continue to break, so might as well kick them to the curb before its too late.

Put down the Hot Tools


The less heat, the better! Especially when your hair is already feeling dry. Try to give your hair a break by heat styling less to compensate for how the weather affects your locks. This is extremely important in the winter, but should be something to try to live by all year round. If you HAVE to heat style, make sure you use a Thermal Protectant! (Try Sebastian Trilliant, its one of our Ride or Dies!)

Wash Your Hair Less


People ask me everyday, “how often should I be washing my hair?”. The answer is, as little as possible! Ideally, you should wash your hair 2-3 times a week, and NO MORE! Every time you wash your hair, you are stripping your scalp of the essential oils it produces. YOUR ENDS NEED THOSE OILS, TOO! So, even though it feels gross, it’s good for your hair! If you strip your hair of those oils daily by washing, your scalp goes into panic mode and over compensates by producing oil quicker! The less you wash, the less oil you will produce! It takes time, but dry shampoo can be your new best friend. Your ends will thank you later.

Use Good Products at Home


Good Products are EVERYTHING for keeping hair healthy! Would you put in foundation without using primer first?! (ABSOLUTELY NOT!)…. So don’t style your hair without using good products! Sulfate Free shampoos and conditioners and oils are key to fighting dry hair. Try the Strength Cure line by Pureology or the Kenra Revive oil. Look for products that are geared towards being “reparative” or “hydrating” in order to keep your hair moisturized. Be sure to get your products from though, so you know what your buying is worth it!

Drink A LOT of water


Your body needs water, and so does your hair. Drinking plenty of water keeps your hair hydrated and healthy! It’s a super simple way to make sure your doing everything you can to stay healthy!

Keratin Vital Shots


If you’ve never come in to get a Keratin Vital Shot, you have no idea what amazing hair feels like. Vital shots are our FAVORITE way to put the love back into your hair! They help with dryness by loading the hair up with keratin proteins (the main protein your hair is made up of) while also helping to reduce frizz, add shine, prolong your color, boost hair growth, and not to mention they smell DELICIOUS! Come get a blowout and add a vital shot to it and leave with a new head of hair, or add them on to your haircut or color appointment. You won’t regret it.


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