5 Reasons You Need Hair Extensions Right Now


You’ve been “growing your hair out” for years and it’s still barely past your shoulders.



If you’re anything like me, you’ve been “growing out” your hair for as long as you can remember, yet it’s still only a little past your shoulders. The reason why is pretty annoying really. Let me break it down for you. Some people have long amazing thick hair (the people I hate only because I’m super jealous) but most people have finer hair. As your hair grows, it breaks because you don’t get regular trims since you want it to be long. But once it breaks it keeps breaking.


Then it’s all stringy and you have to heat style it to make it look good, which ironically makes it break more. So by growing your hair out really you keep making it shorter (LOL AM I RIGHT?!) Extensions basically hide all of that broken hair, allowing you to cut all the old junk off and barely touch it with heat because let’s be real, long hair looks wayyyy better when it isn’t styled that shorter hair. Then in a few months you’ll realize your hair is growing without breaking, problem solved.


You spend half of your day on Instagram staring at amazing hair wondering why yours doesn’t look like that.  If you catch yourself scrolling through insta looking at fashion bloggers with long beautiful hair, you’re just like me. Let’s bring those people back to reality for a second though. Their hair looks PERFECT, which really means it’s probably not theirs. Most (not all) but most celebrities and bloggers have extensions. Lets be real it’s almost 2018, everyone has a weave these days. Most people don’t even try to hide it anyone either! If you spend money on it, might as well flaunt it. So next time you see some blogger looking all majestic and unicorn like, just remember, so can you!



Extensions aren’t only for length, they make your hair thicker too! Maybe the whole long unicorn hair thing isn’t for you, that’s totally fine! Just because you don’t want longer hair doesn’t mean you might not want it to be thicker! We can do that too! By adding less hair and cutting it to your length, extensions can give you the perfect amount of hair that looks natural and makes you feel more confident.


Who doesn’t want to be a mermaid, really? All I’m saying is that I never say no to something that makes me even more extra than I already am. I wear 24 inch extensions… two feet of hair. Yes, this is a LOT of hair. Why do I wear such long extensions you ask? Because. I. Can. Whipping my long thick hair back and forth is just about the most amazing feeling ever. How else are you supposed to do a super extra Kim K hair flip? As stylist Emily Blankenship once said, “wearing hair extensions is like wearing eyeshadow, you just have to do it”. How are you supposed to argue that?!


They DO NOT damage your hair, like many people may think. Extensions (when done properly by a certified and experienced stylist) DO NOT harm your hair AT ALL. In fact, they really do the opposite. Having long hair hides your real hair and gives you the ability to do less with it (refresh this idea from our first paragraph). Now, just because a stylist does them properly doesn’t mean you can go crazy with them either. You have to take care of them yourself as well. Basically, don’t go ripping through your hair with a brush or pulling them out and expect to be damage free. Take care of them how your stylist tells you too, and you’ll be just fine.


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  1. 🖤Love this and my extensions by Natalie! My hair is amazing now and I couldn’t be happier. She is the best!!

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