February Service and Product of the Month

Hey lovelies!

Have you ever wanted to try eyelash extensions but aren’t really sure if they’re right for you? Well, for the month of February, receive $25 off a full set of NovaLash Eyelash Extensions- regularly $150. Also, all NovaLash product is 20% off!



What are NovaLash Eyelash Extensions?

NovaLash Lash Extensions are a convenient way to extend the length and thickness of natural eyelashes and are a beautiful alternative to the daily use of mascara. Forget traditional false lashes and mascara! Each tapered, synthetic lash is bonded to a single natural lash, and the final result is stunning.

How long do they last?

Touch-ups are recommended after the initial full set application to refill any lashes that have cycled out. To maintain full and thick lashes, it’s recommended you schedule a touch-up every 4 weeks based on your own natural lash growth cycle.

Once applied, what is the proper way to care for my lash extensions?

  • After a full set application or touch up, we recommend waiting 24 hours before getting your lashes wet. This is to ensure the adhesive has had plenty of time to dry completely.
  • Use cleanLASH 3-in-1 makeup remover pads to cleanse lashes free of makeup and other debris each night- can be purchased at the salon.
  • Use a lash wand to brush lashes each morning and night.
  • Avoid face cleansers and eye makeup removers that contain solvent-like ingredients such as glycols and carbonates as they reduce the wear time of your new lashes.
  • Avoid pulling, plucking, and twisting lash extensions.

Our lash experts, Erin and Jennifer, are your go-to girls! They’ll make sure before your full set application that you have a proper consultation and answer any of your questions.

Call to book with Erin or Jennifer today at 417-882-3800 or book online with Erin at www.studio417salon.com!






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