Mac & Cassie Take L.A.

Stylist Mac McKeen and Cassie Smith took to Woodland Hills, L.A. at the end of October to learn new cutting techniques to bring back to the 417! The Wella EIMI Cut Craft included four days of intense cutting education with hands on workshops using live models and mannequins.

Studio 417 Salon continues to bring clients the best techniques and all the new trends. Stylists are most satisfied when a client leaves the salon with the perfect look. In order to achieve that, a great cut is crucial for bringing style and color to life. Well Professionals cutting methodology focuses on the cause and effect with the two dynamics of a haircut- technique and shape.

The duo had an exciting trip and had so many stories to tell us- including a 45-minute layover that turned into 13 hours, and they met Finesse Mitchell from SNL!

What did you do for fun, aside from education?

Mac:”We shopped till we dropped! I actually popped a blood vessel in my forearm due to the excessive weight of the shopping bags- oops! Some of my favorites were Love Culture, DSW, and H&M.”

Cassie: “A lot of shopping…I mean A LOT! I had so much fun checking out local LA fashion.” Check out this cute video of Cassie trying on shoes!

What was your favorite part of the trip?

Mac: “Being pushed out of my comfort zone as a Master Colorist; this course really allowed me to raise my cutting technique to the same caliber as the colors I produce. Also, I loved getting to spend one-on-one time with a team member I’ve never really been able to hangout with outside of work.”

Cassie: “My favorite part of the class was working with Diego Raviglione (cut craft instructor). He didn’t sugar coat anything and really pin-pointed bad technical habits that I had formed and helped me fix them. Even though they were small things, it made a big impact!”

What new trick/technique are you the most excited to use now that you’re back in the 417?

Mac: “I’ve returned with a completely new vocabulary! I not only can do a precision cut with immaculate sectioning, technique, and shape, but I can also talk-the-talk of ‘cut craft’ now.”

Cassie: “New fringe techniques! ‘Layered fringe’ was a technique I used on both models that week and it’s a really edgy, yet versitle look!”

Pictures from Mac and Cassie’s trip

image3-2 image2


Be on the look out for more education trips!

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