Hello lovelies!

On the last Friday of October, Studio 417 Salon and thousands of other businesses, friends, and neighbors joined together for iCare, an event designed to raise awareness for domestic violence.


We held a fundraiser to raise money for Harmony House, the only domestic violence shelter in Greene County and the second largest in the state of Missouri. For every service purchased, we donated $2 and for every retail product purchased, we donated $1.

Harmony House shelters 110 survivors of domestic violence each night- unfortunately, they are usually at capacity. In 2015, Harmony House had to turn away 1,900 victims of domestic violence; they serviced over 700. Aside from in-shelter services, Harmony House has an outreach program and serves about 100 survivors at any given time. They just completed a Capital Campaign and will be moving to a larger facility in early 2017 that will shelter 160 survivors each night.

Domestic violence does not discriminate; it touches all socioeconomic classes, genders, race and ages.


It costs $36 for one safe night at the Harmony House- this price includes meals, case management, and all other services. If you wish to make a donation or volunteer your time, please contact Harmony House at their website or call (417) 837-7700.

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